Designers Sell Your Covers! is the easy way to make more money doing what you love! 

No worries about creating a website and paying for tech support. Join us and get your own shop link for free. Authors visit Buy Book Covers to purchase affordable yet professional covers for their books. Put your cover art in the marketplace today and earn money!

 Simple Joining Process:

  • Sign up for your vendor account and provide your details
  • Activate your account via email (check your spam if you didn't get the activation email)
  • Wait a bit for us to approve your account and we will email you when you're shop is ready
  • Sign in to your shop then click on your name in the upper right choose Vendor Profile
  • Enter your profile details
  • Make sure you enter your Business Paypal email in your Vendor Dashboard -> Payments
  • Upload your logo in your Vendor dashboard under Settings -> Profile
  • We will use your logo as your brand to help you market your business!

Easy cover upload into your shop

  • To add a cover to your shop after you sign in, go to Vendor Profile then click Vendor Dashboard 
  • In your vendor Dashboard click on Products then Add Product
  • In the Product Name section enter a descriptive title that contains keywords describing your cover's genre
  • Next in the Description Box type in the details of your cover, use keywords and bullet lists
  • In the Model Name / Version box enter "eBook" if your cover is only a front cover or "Wrap" if it is a full cover
  • In the Regular Price enter your asking price for the cover
  • In the Base Selling Price enter a sale price if you want to give a discount
  • In the SKU box, enter a unique code for your cover to help identify it in your records
  • Leave the HSN box empty
  • Leave the Tax Rate at 0
  • From the Brand drop menu find your shop name and select it. helps you market your brand!
  • From the Category drop menu select the MAIN category that best fits your cover 
  • Leave the Specification Type options empty
  • Leave the Downloadable and Virtual check boxes unchecked
  • In the Number In Stock enter the number 1
  • In the Maximum Allowed Quantity per Order enter the number 1
  • In the Related Products drop menu you can find yanothe cover of yours that you would like shown
  • Leave the Status option as Active
  • Click on the Choose Featured Image and upload your cover's display image (72 DPI version jpg or png only)
  • If your cover is a series, select the Choose More Images and upoad the rest of the set (72 DPI jpg or png only)
  • Next click the SEO button
  • Enter relevant keywords in the Meta Title, Description and Keywords sections so Google can list your title
  • Click the Add Product button and you are done!
  • We will review your cover and if approved post it to the marketplace ready for sale!
  • When your cover sells the sale shows in your Vendor Dashboard

How much money you make?

  • We pay you every every Sunday %75 of every cover sold from your catalog during the previous week
  • We use PayPal payments to ensure you get your money quickly 
  • There are no extra shop, storage, upload or admin fees! 
  • You can earn as much money as you want by uploading good quality original covers!

How to boost your sales!

  • Here at we love our designers and wish to help you make more money
  • As such we have designer brands rotating on our site to help you get more click throughs to your covers 
  • You also have the option for your name to show in the top brands menu section 
  • If you wish your name to show up there you can purchase a spot for $25 a month (limited to 5 designers) contact
  • We also have banner ad spots on the main shop page that are highly visible to authors
  • You can have your banner (linked directly to your shop) added on the front page for $75 a week contact 
  • It's also a good advrtising idea to inlcude your shop link every where you post and in your emaii signature to get even more traffic to your covers

 If you have any questions or need support please email we will help you!